The Numbers Are In — Americans Love Melania

First Lady Melania Trump’s favorability numbers have surged since her husband assumed the presidency in January.

“Melania Trump’s favorable rating has risen 17 percentage points since January to 54 percent as she has become better known in her role as first lady,” according to Gallup.


When Donald Trump took office, only 37 percent of Americans viewed the first lady favorably, which also matched the number of Americans who viewed her unfavorably. For comparison, the president’s favorability currently stands at 41 percent, 13 points lower than Melania’s.

This is not unusual, however, as Gallup noted, “Gallup’s findings that recent first ladies are, on average, more popular than their husbands.”

Unsurprisingly, both women and Democrats view Melania more favorably than her husband. Independents view her only slightly more favorably than the president.

Melania’s numbers have grown as she has settled into her role as first lady, condemning bullying in a speech at a U.N. luncheon in September and helping military families by sorting toys for tots with children.

Source: Conservative Daily