A Transgender Man Is Now The Head Of A Major City’s ‘Feminist’ Group, It’s So Stupid

It goes without sense that today’s liberals make even less sense than the hippies that came before them. They have successfully alienated the majority of regular, mainstream people with their insistence that we have to take “transgender rights” seriously.

Liberal feminists constantly complain about the “patriarchy”, but then completely shoot themselves in the foot when they allow men who say that they are women compete in women’s sports, for example, as equals. In a recent example of how liberals are at cross-purposes with themselves, a man who says he’s a woman just became the head of a feminist group.

The Federation des Femmes du Quebec based in Montreal is essentially Canada’s French-speaking version of America’s NOW and according to LifeSiteNews “represents some 300 feminist groups and about 700 individual members.” A transgender man who goes by Gabrielle Bouchard was just elected to be its president.

Some women are, of course, upset that a man is now the head of a women’s rights group. Bouchard fought back, stating, “They are saying we’ll tolerate trans women as long as they are not in a position of power. We’ll tolerate lesbians in the movement as long as they stand 10 feet away.” He then added that he disagrees with the feminist idea that “presumes all women live the same experience — which is not true.”

He/she went on to babble, “All the barriers I face are actually based in sexism. They also happen to be based in transphobia. I am living at the intersection of trans identity and being a woman, and it creates a marginalization that some women don’t face.” An actual woman named Denise Bombardier from the Journal du Montreal criticized women for choosing a man to be the leader of their women’s group. She asked, “Who is this man who became a woman as an adult? How can she speak on behalf of all women, as someone who was raised in a masculine culture, ignoring the experiences that women have lived through since they were born?” How much do you love seeing confused liberals tearing each other apart?

Source: Conservative 101